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Cost Effective Email Marketing

Preferred Guest List has been providing businesses with creative and cost effective restaurant MARKETING solutions since 2003. Our philosophy is that it's just as important to recognize and make your customers feel special once they have left your establishment as it is while they are with you.

Promote Your Business via Groupon with a Monthly Blast to your customer database! A very Effective Approach to continually growing your customer database!

One-on-One, ongoing permission-based contact with your customers is vital to establishing profitable, long-lasting customer relationships. The beauty of our program is that unlike typical print ads and most forms of advertising, you can MEASURE the RESULTS of our services and since we are based on word of mouth advertising, it's a very effective form of MARKETING. We keep your business in the forefront of the customer's mind so that they think of you more often than their other options.

Our program is designed to address three main areas of your business. FIRST, we contact your clientele once they leave encouraging more frequent visits, customer referrals and valuable customer feedback. SECOND, we help you fill slower times through niche MARKETING and LASTLY, we track the results of all of your advertising and marketing efforts so you can be very efficient with your advertising budget.

We have created a simple and cost effective restaurant marketing process to recognize your customers, thank them for their business, acknowledge and invite them for their birthdays and anniversaries and notify them of special events through personalized permission based communications. The best part of our program is that we do all the work!

We are always eager to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best customer service, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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