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We have Combined Customer Data Acquisition with Effective Database Management & CREATIVE SERVICES to craft personalized messages Combined into One Powerful Tool with Proven Results. As an Integral Part of Our Program, We DRIVE Traffic to ANY Online Presence You Have to dramatically increase your Social Media footprint.
The best part is that we do all the work!
Here's how it works:

Building Your Database
We will build you a customer database obtaining valuable customer information through the use of personalized Preferred Guest Cards using your logo and colors to maintain Brand Recognition. We will upload any existing customer database you have including inputting printed lists & business cards.
We also provide your Servers/Staff Memos on how to best present these Preferred Guest Cards.  No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!
Pre-Paid, Pre-Addressed Return Envelopes for Your Completed Preferred Guest Cards
As part of Our Marketing Program, we perform all data-entry for you, including entering all Survey & Hand-Written Comments. We will also integrate any existing database you may already have. (Excel files, Business cards, customer lists etc)  No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!
Communicating with your customers
Our E-mails are designed with your business in mind by utilizing your logo and graphics to Maintain Brand Recognition. All E-mails are interactive and addressed personally to each customer and include customized multi-color graphics with your message. All E-mails look like they are being sent directly from your Business instead of our company and can have a signature by the owner or manager to be even more personalized.

As soon as a customer is added to your database, they will receive a customized, fully branded Welcome E-mail that addresses each guest by name thanking them for their recent visit and re-inviting them to the restaurant.

Two weeks before all Birthday and Anniversary dates, each customer will receive a personalizedBirthday OR Anniversary E-Mail acknowledging their special occasion and inviting them and friends and family to celebrate at your restaurant.

We also Design and Send SPECIAL EVENT E-mails notifying your customers of restaurant services and upcoming events to encourage more visits. Such as a Groupon, Catering, Private Dining, Wine Pairing dinner etc. This is especially effective for increasing business during slower times.  No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!

All E-mails feature our very popular “Refer-A-Friend” program which is a simple One-Click Link encouraging your current customer base to advertise for you by referring their friends, family and colleagues to join your database!  No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!
Collect Invaluable Customer Feedback
Track your Advertising Revenues and Staff/Server Performance. We provide you with a very Detailed Report which identifies how much revenue is generated from each of your specific advertising efforts. This unique feature allows us to help you spend your valuable advertising budget on only the most effective campaigns. We also keep track of how many cards each individual server has collected. Our program is completely trackable so you can see the results.
No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!
Social Media Integration
By seamlessly Integrating Social Media, we dramatically Increase Your Social Media Footprint! This helps in spreading the Word About your Business! We Incorporate Print Media, QR Codes and Email Blasts to Drive Traffic to All of Your Online Presences such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.