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Services We Offer

We provide: Database Management, Customer Surveys & Social Media

Restaurant Email Marketing

We take care of all DESIGNING and MARKETING of your custom branded email campaigns. No Templates allowed, so your emails will have a REAL IMPACT...
No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!

Social Media Integrations

We will Dramatically Increase your Social Media Footprint by allowing customer's with Smart Phones to INSTANTLY ADD THEMSELVES to your Online database as well as drive additional traffic to ANY Online Presence (Facebook, Twitter etc) you have.  No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!

Design & Print Services

We CREATE and PRINT Your Customized Preferred Guest cards Branded to your Style!  No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!

Advertising Analytics

As well as DRIVING Traffic to your Website or ANY Online Presence that you have, we COLLECT Information VITAL to a Business's Future Growth. All of this information, including Your Customer's hand-written Comments are Compiled for your to view 24/7 via our online Portal!  No Added Expense -- All Part of Our Amazing Program!

Clients & Testimonials

We do wine dinners at the restaurant every month. January is usually a tough month to fill, however this month we had more participants than many of the months last year, due mostly to the email campaigns your company has helped put together.
~ John Hutchinson